Scalextric ACT - Classes

Racing Classes

Group A Group B Group C
Classic Le Mans SCX F1s Open Class
Classic Sports Group 5 British Touring Cars
Classic Touring Cars Group C Group A Super Touring
Classic Rally Scalextric Modern G.T. Track Owners
Ninco Classic DTM Club Supplied LMP

General rules apply to all classes unless specified, otherwise cars must be box standard.

Group A

Classic Le Mans

Fly cars with ‘sidewinder’ motors may be fitted with rear axle spacers.

Eligible Vehicles:
Any ‘classic’ Le Mans car raced after 1965 and prior to the start of Group C in 1982. From any approved manufacturer including: Ferrari 512/365, Porsche 908, 908/3, Flunder, 917, 917 turbo, Lola T70 and Ford GT40.

Classic Production Pre 1965 Sports cars

NC1 or equivalent motor.

Eligible Vehicles:
Any Pre ’65 sports car from an approved manufacturer including: Aston Martin DB3/DB5, Ferrari 166/212/250, Corvette ‘55/Stingray/GS, Jaguar D Type/E Type/XK-120, Thunderbird, Maserati A6G, Mercedes 300s, Cobra/Daytona, Austin Healy, Porsche 356/550.

Classic Touring Cars (Muscle cars)

Eligible Vehicles:
Any ‘series production’ based vehicle produced from 1963 to 1979 that complies with FIA Group 1 or 2 regulations. Slot cars from any approved manufacturers, including: Mini (original shape), Escort MKI/MKII, Capri, Cortina, Charger, Camaro, Mustang, Torino, Abarth 600 and 850, Renault R8, Fiat 131, Citroen DS21, Plymouth Barracuda, Alfa GTV, GTA, BMW CSL, Pontiac GTO, Chevelle, Firebird, NSU, Trabant and Mercedes 300SE.

Classic Rally

4WD cars that fit the time period must have their front drive deactivated or a 2WD motor of the same rating substituted.

Eligible Vehicles:
Open to any FIA Homologated 2WD rally car that competed in World or National Rally Championships up to 1992 with the exception of BMW M1s.

Ninco Classic Tourers

Cars can only run with it's original NC1 motor, no substitutes allowed.

Eligible Vehicles:
Any Ninco classic DTM/Touring car including: Audi A4, Alfa Romeo 155,
Opel Calibra and AMG Mercedes C Class.

Group B


Eligible Vehicles:
Limited to 2nd generation SCX F1s (no narrow bodied models in the most recent crystal display boxes with clear plastic plinth) including: Arrows (ref #: 60690, 60400 & 60440), Jaguar (ref #: 6114 & 6154), Minardi (ref #: 6041, 6057 & 6152 etc), Jordon (ref #: 61500), McLaren (ref #: 61010, 61020, 60870 & 60880),
Williams (ref #: 6108, 60950 & 60960).

Group 5 Thunder Cars

Eligible Vehicles:
Any Pre ’83 car from an approved manufacturer including: Zakspeed Ford Capri, BMW CSL/320i, Opel Commodore, Lancia Beta, Greenwood Wide-body Corvette, Toyota Celica LB, Porsche 935, Zakspeed Ford Escort, BMW 3.0,
BMW M1 (no navigator) and Ferrari 512BB. Group C

Orange end bell motor (21,500 rpm) only. Motors and pods (flat 6) in later release cars can be substituted (downgraded) to comply, e.g. Lancia LC2/85.

Eligible Vehicles:
Open to any Slot.It Group C cars including: Jaguar XJR-9, Jaguar XJR-12, Mazda 787-B, Lancia LC2, Porsche 956 (all variants), Porsche 962, Sauber C9.

Scalextric Modern G.T.

Eligible Vehicles:
Any Scalextric Modern G.T. car including: Ford GT, Jaguar XKR GT3, Ferrari F430, Porsche 997 GT3 and 911 GT3R, Aston Martin DBR9, Dodge Viper and GTSR, Nissan 350Z, Toyota Supra, Maserati V8 and MC12, Lamborghini Gallardo GT etc.

Club Supplied LPMs

This is a club supplied only class.

Group C

Open Class

Open to any model with the exception of metal chassis and 'Womp' style models. Motors limited to either 25,000 rpm short or 22,000 rpm long can motors or slower.

British Touring Car Championship

Eligible Vehicles:
Any modern Scalextric B.T.C.C car including: MG6, Honda Civic Type R, BMW 125 etc.

Group A Super Touring

Eligible Vehicles:
Open to any Group A Super Touring car, from 1982 - 2000 era including: Volvo 850 & S40, Alfa Romeo 156. Audi A4 & 80 (not IMSA), BMW M3 and 635CSi (Spirit 635 must have motor downsized), Nissan Skyline HR31 & R32, Holden VK, VL & VN Commodore, Ford Capri Mk. II and III, Sierra & Mondeo, Peugeot 405 & 406 (not Group 5 silhoutte version), Jaguar XJ-S, Opel Vectra, Rover SD1 3500, Toyota Supra, etc.

Track Owners

Open to any car specified by the track owner, participants can race their own cars but track owner must also supply enough cars for race.