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Eldon Industries, Inc. was located in Hawthorne, California. At its peak, Eldon owned locations in Canada, England, Japan and the Netherlands.

Eldon's slogan was "Just for the fun of it." This slogan was seen and heard in television, radio and print advertisements. Eldon is also known for producing items and brands that re-packaged and distributed Japanese toys worldwide. The Billy Blastoff line of astronaut toys produced by Tomy is a popular example.

A popular home slotcar manufacturer in the 60's. It's sets could have the cars running on the same track and be independently controlled. Still, the cars could be used in regular tracks. The company was purchased by Cox in the late 60's.

Eldon are one of the true founding fathers of slotcars racing in North America in the early years. They really pioneered cheap slot racing sets in the mass market and helped in a large way to bring slotcars to the attention of the general shopping public.

A lot of the early Eldon cars were no more than cartoon characitures of real cars, having rather crude and fairly robust construction. They consisted basically of a bottom chassis tray and a top section that when screwed together held the motor and running gear between the two halves. Often referred to as clamshell construction, this method was used by many slotcar manufacturers in the late 50s and early 60s.

Later, Eldon developed a separate chassis and body system, that greatly streamlined manufacturing, as they then only needed a single chassis that could accommodate a wide range of bodies. An added side effect, was that the cars handled far better.

1/32 Scale

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